The Butzel Intellectual Property team believes in learning our client's business objectives and taking the approach to best help them reach their goals through efficient legal representation, creative problem solving, and a superior level of service.

Because knowing the right strategy for the right situation is paramount, we help our clients prepare for and navigate the intellectual property challenges they may face by bringing our experience and critical legal and business tools to the task. For a product launch, this may mean developing a global patent, bringing a trademark portfolio to brand, and positioning the new product. For software developers, it may mean registering copyrights and navigating the complex world of Open Source issues.  The Butzel Intellectual Property group handles transactional matters to avoid litigation and mitigate risk from intellectual property due diligence for mergers and acquisitions to joint development agreements, cross-licenses, and supply agreements.

We also handle important intellectual property litigation with our client's goals and end-game in mind including representing our clients in the federal courts, contested proceedings in the Patent and Trademark Office, and safeguarding trade secret and enforcing trade secret rights against misappropriators.

Simply put, the Butzel Intellectual Property team strives for seamless integration with clients, whatever their industry from serving our clients in developing high tech software for Connected Cars to developing hardware for Aerospace & Defense vehicles, and bringing potentially life-changing medical devices to market.


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  • Trademark/patent litigation of an automotive service company
  • Represented defendant recording artists in multi-million dollar music copyright case resulting in a "no cause" verdict.
  • Patent infringement action
  • Patent Prosecution: Drafted, filed and prosecuted patent applications for a major automotive supplier
  • Successful defense of manufacturer accused of misappropriation of trade secrets and threatened with preliminary injunction that would have closed down one of its principal lines of business
  • Global brand/trademark portfolio management for division of major US software developer
  • Defended fastener corporation-patent licensee in two companion actions alleging patent and trademark infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • Defended website owner of a health-care related site for trademark litigation against a provider of cosmetic surgery
  • Obtained injunction enforcing covenant not to compete against former employee.
  • Represented pharmaceutical company in a false advertising lawsuit involving a product claiming to be the generic equivalent of a leading brand
  • Defended Tier 1 automotive supplier in patent litigation involving universal garage door opener technology
  • Global brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration, and portfolio management for manufacturer of custom golf clubs
  • Represent plaintiff in patent infringement and false advertising case
  • Defend manufacturer in patent infringement case
  • Defended publisher in trademark infringement action
  • Defended automotive supplier against patent infringement
  • Defended boat windshield manufacturer in patent infringement action
  • Overturned adverse decision by Board of Patent appeals and interferences in Federal Court; sustained on appeal
  • Trade secret lawsuits
  • Infringement action against mortgage company
  • Represented bottled water company in trademark action
  • Corporate identity makeover for US technology company including global trademark clearance and registration
  • Trademark/patent litigation of a home repair and cleaning company
  • Enforced publisher's copyrights against infringer
  • Licensing/Transactions: Drafted license/transaction agreements for a major automotive supplier
  • Defended copyright action involving photographs
  • Successfully represented healthcare technology company in breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secret/confidential information dispute.
  • Represented research and development company in patent inventorship dispute.
  • Defended injection molding equipment manufacturer in trademark infringement litigation
  • Successfully represented healthcare technology company in Non-Compete/Trade Secret dispute.
  • Patent Prosecution: Drafted, filed and prosecuted patent applications for a major insurance company
  • Trade secret misappropriation action
  • Defended fiberglass manufacturer in patent/trade secret infringement action
  • Defended manufacturer in patent infringement action
  • Design patent and trade dress rights
  • Prevailed at trial in a multi-million dollar patent case for an automotive manufacturing client, invalidating the last of three patents that had been asserted against client.
  • Successfully represented document imaging company in Non-Compete/Trade Secret dispute.
  • Trademark dispute
  • Patent infringement suit
  • Patent Prosecution: Drafted, filed and prosecuted patent applications for a metallurgical company
  • Coordinated research and counsel on negotiations of supply agreement for new battery technology for international manufacturing client.
  • Corporate identity makeover for brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration and portfolio maintenance for a major US insurance/investment company
  • Trademark counterfeiting claim
  • Defended nonprofit organization in trademark/copyright/domain name infringement litigation
  • Patent infringement action against pharmaceutical company
  • Trademark infringement action
  • Asserted preemption arguments on behalf of copyright holder in infringement case
  • Trademark Prosecution: Prosecuted trademark applications for a major automotive company
  • Patent and trade dress infringement, and trade secret misappropriation.
  • Represented employer in successfully negotiating settlement of covenant not to compete and unfair competition suit against former employ.
  • Represent plaintiff in patent infringement case
  • Asserted copyright infringement claims on behalf of the owners of copyrights associated with computer code
  • Defended surviving members of 1960's rock band in trademark and copyright infringement action against Plaintiff's heirs who sought a preliminary injunction to prevent clients from continuing to use the trademarks and copyrights relating to the band.
  • Represented employer in successfully negotiating settlement of covenant not to compete, copyright infringement, and unfair competition suit against former employees
  • False advertising claims for manufacturer of computer components
  • Patent Prosecution: Drafted, prepared, filed and prosecuted numerous patent applications for major automotive suppliers
  • Represented automotive inspection company in copyright lawsuit related to car inspection software
  • Represented a corporation in copyright litigation transferred to religious court
  • Represented a technology consulting company in negotiations and contemplated litigation against its former client regarding breach of the parties' non-disclosure agreement and related copyright infringement and theft of trade secrets claims.
  • Represented automotive supplier in patent infringement/antitrust case
  • Defended web-based retailer in a trademark infringement action brought by a major OEM over domain name
  • Defended a major financial management company against numerous claims for violation of non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements over a ten year period.
  • Trademark and Patent Filings
  • Represented an international children's toy and apparel company with respect to its registration of copyrights and trademarks in the United States, as well as regarding licensing agreements concerning such intellectual property.
  • Represented global staffing, employment and recruiting company nationally in trade secret and non-compete matters and obtained injunctions in approximately 70 cases in 2007-2008.
  • Obtained summary judgment (and affirmance in the Court of Appeals) of copyright and trademark claims against national recording artist
  • Enforced finance company's trademark rights against infringer
  • Defended semiconductor manufacturer in trademark infringement action. Summary judgment affirmed on appeal.
  • Defended collegiate licensing entity in a copright lawsuit
  • Defended against claim for violation of a non-compete agreement
  • Asserted breach of distributor agreement claims on behalf of licensor of copyrighted computer code
  • Represented biotech company and university in patent infringement/inventorship action.
  • Represented a major automotive supplier in a suit against a Texas aftermarket parts company for patent infringement
  • Represented Italian fashion house in numerous opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Assist in brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration, and portfolio management
  • Defended manufacturer in appeal of patent infringement action
  • Trademark cancellation proceeding
  • Defended copyright action against critic
  • False advertising action
  • Patent infringement action
  • Trade secret action
  • Patent infringement action
  • Defended manufacturer in trade dress and patent infringement lawsuit
  • Represented a former employee accused of stealing more than $100 million worth of trade secrets from his employers in violation of the federal economic espionage act.
  • Global Brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration, and portfolio management for New York-based maker of men's personal care products
  • Successful representation of numerous luxury goods and fashion apparel manufacturers in trademark infringement, gray market and counterfeiting disputes
  • Represented a software developer with government contracts against former managers in action for injunctive relief for misappropriation of trade secrets and tortuous interference
  • Prosecution of counterfeiting and trademark infringement action for Italian jewelry designer
  • Patent infringement actions
  • Trademark infringement action
  • Interference proceeding against automotive supplier
  • Defended manufacturer of roofing staple device in patent litigation
  • Successfully defended automotive supplier in patent infringement action; validated 2 patents on summary judgment and another after trial.
  • False marking/advertising action
  • Defended automotive manufacturer in trademark litigation
  • Represented trademark owner (automotive supplier) in domain name dispute; client gained possession of infringing domain name
  • Represented automotive supplier in patent infringement case
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