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Butzel is a founding member of Lex Mundi, one of the first and largest networks of leading independent law firms located in 160 separate jurisdictions around the world. This resource enables us to provide our clients seamlessly with first-rate counsel globally whenever the need arises. We also strive to be on the cutting edge of new developments including those involved in advanced technology and manufacturing, e-commerce, biotechnology, intellectual property, and cross-border operations and transactions.

We recognized many years ago that an increasing number of our clients were expanding their businesses to national and international markets. In response to their expanding needs for legal counseling in new jurisdictions, we helped form a global association of independent law firms known as Lex Mundi, Latin for "law of the world." Butzel is the sole Michigan Lex Mundi member.

Lex Mundi chooses its member firms based on stature, reputation in the legal and business community, and technical excellence. The organization aims to provide for the professional exchange of local and global legal information and developments. Lex Mundi directs communications among its members, which improves their ability to serve their individual client's needs.

Our Lex Mundi membership allows us to:

Exchange professional information with other Lex Mundi firms

  • Immediate advice or assistance with a client matter that is outside of our jurisdictional expertise
  • Access facilities in major business centers throughout the country and around the world
  • Refer clients to member firms for responsive, high-quality advice and assistance
  • Receive referrals from other Lex Mundi law firms

We also are privy to valuable Lex Mundi initiatives, including:

  • The Lex Mundi College of Mediators, a global association of over 300 experienced lawyers
  • World Reports, a joint publication of Lex Mundi and Kluwer Law and Taxation
  • The Advice and Facilities policy

For more information, visit LexMundi.com


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