OESA Breaking the Code: Software Ts and Cs

3.11.2022 | 8:30 am

Special Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs) for software and related items are becoming more and more commonplace for OEM customers. Several OEMs have already added software-specific language to their general Ts and Cs. How suppliers should approach software issues differs greatly from how they approach goods and services in a contract.  

Supplier professionals in sales, purchasing, engineering and legal functional roles are invited to gain insight on the 5 major issues regarding OEM Software Ts and Cs at the 2022 OESA Breaking the Code: Software Ts and Cs. Presented virtually by seasoned attorneys Jennifer Dukarski, Shareholder, and Mitchell Zajac, Shareholder, from Butzel Long, the event will offer insights on:  

  • The Reality of Software Warranties: Duration, Cost, and Breadth of Commitments
  • Ownership under Software Ts and Cs: When Derivatives and Uses Translate to “What’s Mine Is Theirs” 
  • Regulatory Risk and Guidance: How NHTSA’s Guidelines and Possible Critical Infrastructure Regulations Impact Security and Design 
  • The Risk of Open-Source Strategies: The Impact of Your Software Bill of Materials, Copyleft and Cascading Rights Under the Ts and Cs 
  • The Most Critical Part of the Agreement: What’s in the Software Specifications and What Is a Defect?

Each topic will be covered emphasizing the areas of greatest interest to attendees. Deep-dive topics will be selected by polling throughout the session.  

Following the presentations will be an interactive Q&A session with the Butzel attorneys facilitated by Ginger Juncker, Vice President, Programming, OESA.

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