Butzel’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Specialty Team is more than a quick marketing response to the latest cyber breach news cycle. Drawing from a wide spectrum of practice areas, our team members bring seasoned and practical solutions to our diverse client base.


We strive to work with clients before the cybersecurity event occurs, and in these instances, we bring years of experience and lessons learned in the industry when it comes to conducting the necessary risk assessments and system audits—in conjunction with licensed forensic experts—to expose and remedy both cyber and human behavioral vulnerabilities. The goal is to identify and protect: to determine what our client’s assets are, where they are and how they are protected. Once completed, we work to implement and harden defenses using hardware, software, policies and training that will equip our clients to respond more effectively in the face of cybersecurity intrusions and data privacy breaches.

On the post-breach side of the equation, we have experience in responding to nationwide data breaches for retail companies, service organizations, and manufacturers. A swift response from cybersecurity professionals is critical when the cyber intrusion event occurs. Deploying the forensic team to assess the nature and extent of the breach/infiltration/exfiltration is a necessary first step. Results from this investigation inform members of our Cybersecurity Team as they evaluate what laws may have been implicated and whether notification is required.

Both prior to and after the cybersecurity event, numerous elements are involved, and legal concerns cross over many practice areas. Our Cybersecurity and Privacy Special Team prides itself on its collaborative style—and necessarily so, given the response demanded by the circumstances.

Pre Cyber Incident Services:

  • Cyber Risk Assessment
    • Forensic Scanning & Review
    • Policy Review & Drafting
    • Inventory Assets / Protection Planning
    • Incident Response Planning
    • Table Top Drills
    • Cybersecurity Awareness and Response Training

Post Cyber Incident Services:

  • Cyber Incident & Breach Response
    • Retention of Licensed Forensic Team
    • Notification to Insurance Carrier
    • Breach Response & Assessment
    • Coordination with Applicable Law Enforcement
    • Coordination of Communications to Customers / Clients / Media
    • Breach Mitigation
    • Legal Notifications / Response
    • Lessons Learned; Cybersecurity Awareness and Response Training
    • Policy Review/Revision
    • Post Incident Communications to Address Potential Reputational Damage

Data Privacy and Protection

Privacy and data protection is one of the most rapidly changing areas in the legal realm.  Laws are in a constant state of flux on an international, federal, state, and local level and regulatory bodies regularly issue updates and new guidelines.  We are ready to assist clients whether they are transferring data internationally, dealing with various industry sector frameworks for the protection of personal information, mitigating risks through policies and best practices, or even adapting to privacy by design for new and emerging technology. 

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