Cannabis Legalization Map - Updated September 2019


Utah has joined a growing list of states to legalize marijuana.  With the addition of Utah, thirty-three (33) states plus the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes.

Please find below a map and list of states that have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational use.

Cannabis Legalization Map

States to Legalize Recreational & Medical Use States to Legalize Medical Use


Washington Utah
Oregon Arizona
California New Mexico
Nevada North Dakota
Alaska Minnesota
Colorado Oklahoma
Vermont Missouri
Massachusetts Arkansas
Maine Louisiana
District of Columbia Florida
Illinois Ohio
  West Virginia
  New Jersey
  New York
  Rhode Island
  New Hampshire


For quick access to the map and live updates of the legalization of marijuana throughout the United States, please visit the Butzel Long Cannabis Law Specialty Team Page.

Butzel Long’s Cannabis Law Specialty Team works closely with cannabis growers, dispensaries, brand owners, and related entities, to navigate the patchwork of state and federal cannabis laws, guiding clients in areas such as state and local licensing, intellectual property procurement and enforcement, real estate transactions, corporate finance, structure and formation, and complex litigation. Contact Thomas Nafso for more information about how Butzel Long can help your cannabis business.

Thomas Nafso

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