Butzel’s Franchise Specialty Team represents both franchisors and franchisees and includes attorneys with nationwide experience in launching, developing, advising, buying, and selling franchises of all sizes and within multiple industries. Our team members are highly skilled in navigating state and federal franchise and business opportunity laws, as well as resolving disputes that arise between franchisors, franchisees, suppliers, employees, and competitors.

With nearly a million franchised businesses in the United States, franchising is an important driver for our economy and can be an effective method of growing and developing a business. But for potential new franchisors and franchisees, is franchising the best method or option? How does the company protect its brand? What will the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee look like? Even after the franchise structure is established, franchisors and franchisees often face difficulties in complying with the nuanced state and federal franchise laws, handling disputes between franchisors, franchisees, suppliers, employees, and competitors, and complying with applicable regulations, all the while trying to profitably operate the business and beat out the competition.

Butzel’s Franchise Specialty Team provides a one-stop-shop for all franchise issues, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Counseling on whether to use franchising to grow your business
  • Drafting, negotiating, and reviewing franchise agreements and other contracts
  • Preparing required franchise disclosure documents
  • Advising and counseling on compliance with state and federal franchise and business opportunity laws
  • Assisting with supplier relationships, technology and communications
  • All aspects of litigation and dispute resolution, including a franchisor’s status as a joint employer, the existence of a franchise relationship, enforcement of the franchise agreements and key provisions (e.g. non-competition), intellectual property disputes, termination of franchise agreements, and other common disputes in the franchise arena
  • Labor and employment relations
  • Real estate
  • Environmental regulations and compliance


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