Butzel AI Institute Seminar: Navigating The Generative AI Landscape: Opportunities & Risks Demystified 

3.6.2024 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Butzel, a pioneering Detroit-based law firm with a rich history of steering innovation since 1854, is proud to announce a series of professionally tailored seminars dedicated to the evolving realm of generative AI. This program is crafted to equip industry frontrunners and corporate leaders with in-depth insights and actionable knowledge on generative AI's burgeoning landscape.

This introductory session invites professionals from all industries to explore generative AI's expansive potential and inherent challenges. Butzel will guide participants through an immersive overview, laying a solid foundation in AI technologies while emphasizing their strategic application and ethical considerations. The focus here is on empowering attendees with the knowledge to navigate the AI innovation frontier confidently.

This seminar will be hosted by Butzel attorneys: Angela Shapiro, Claudia Rast, Barrett R.H. Young

Event Location: Virtual or in-person (Butzel Long - Detroit Office, Lunch Provided) 

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