Snyder Issues Energy Agenda For Michigan

Monday, March 16, 2015

In a message to the Michigan Legislature and the citizens of Michigan last week, Governor Rick Snyder set forth his vision and agenda for guiding Michigan’s energy policy for the next 10 years. Citing a critical need to prevent widespread outages due to lack of supply as aging coal plants are taken out of service, Snyder’s vision puts significant emphasis on eliminating energy waste as a large part of the solution. Setting forth a number of “Calls to Action”, the Governor proposes:

Eliminate energy waste by 
- Eliminating the 2% budget limitation that utilities currently have to spend on waste. reduction improvements; ensure that waste reduction efforts are treated as cost reduction measures and capital investments.
- Providing financing and incentives for homeowners to make energy saving improvements through on bill financing.
- Rewarding companies who can and do reduce energy draw in times of reduced supply.

Increase reliability by 
- Increasing the deployment of smart meters.
- Investing in infrastructure and maintenance of our existing system, much as the pipeline industry has done in recent years.
- Ensuring that the energy markets protect all users from shortages and not just those in populated areas.
- Having plans in place for Michigan to address power issues so Washington does not step in and solving the power issues in the U.P.

Increase adaptability, setting a clean energy use goal for 2025 at a minimum of 30% by 
- Realistically looking at how best to achieve this goal, through a combination of energy waste reduction, natural gas and renewable.

Protecting the environment
- Without citing specific actions, Snyder also calls for the reduction of mercury emissions, pollution that creates acid rain, and particles in the air for the health of Michigan.

To view a full copy of Governor Snyder’s Letter and related documents click the following links:

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