Can Autonomous Vehicles Make the Right 'Decision?'


The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society is on the rise and many are beginning to question the “ethics” of these systems, leading companies to jump to action.

Microsoft’s president met with Pope Francis to discuss industry ethics, Amazon is helping to fund federal research into “algorithm fairness,” and Salesforce has hired an “architect’ for ethical AI practice and a “chief ethical and human use officer.”

The need for introspection in ethical decision making in the automated-vehicle (AV) space is just as critical. With every AV failure and fatality, the public questions how the vehicle arrives at the “decisions” it makes. Industry watchdogs call for greater transparency as design teams work to apply AI, machine learning and other tools to AV software in the most appropriate manner.

As we make decisions to employ AI, it’s important to think about ethics and the potential legal impact of using AI in design.

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