Butzel Long attorney Raul Rangel interviewed by GlobalAutoIndustry.com on Labor and Employment issues disrupting Mexico's Automotive Supply Chains


GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview, “Labor and Employment Issues are Causing Major Disruption in Mexico’s Automotive Supply Chains” features Raul Rangel. Mr. Rangel is a corporate attorney, who is licensed to practice law in New York and in Mexico, and works closely with other Butzel Long attorneys to represent organizations doing business in Mexico and the United States in a broad range of industries, including automotive.

Audio Interview Guest
Mr. Raul Rangel, Attorney
Butzel Long

In the 17-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Rangel discusses these questions:
• What’s happening in Mexico and why is it happening now? [in the context of employment issues]
• What changes are required by the new USMCA, NAFTA 2.0?
• Why are US and foreign companies concerned with Mexican labor laws?
• How will it affect employers in Mexico?
• How do worker’s strike impact global operations?

Click here to listen to the interview.

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