The Michigan Supreme Court Restarts Appellate Filing Clocks Effective June 8th


In response to Governor Whitmer’s executive orders requiring Michiganders to stay home, the Michigan Supreme Court tolled all appellate filing deadlines—jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional—until the expiration of the stay-home order.  Governor Whitmer lifted the stay-home order before the original expiration date, creating confusion as to whether the tolling order remains in effect.

Today, the Court brought clarity to the situation.  Tolling will continue through this week.  Effective Monday, June 8th, filing deadlines resume.  A party will have the same number of days to file that they would have had on March 24th.  If your time to file never started to run because of the tolling order, you will have the full number of days to complete your filing starting on June 8th.

Not everyone will be ready to meet these new filing deadlines after months away from the office.  Butzel Long’s appellate team is ready to help meet all appellate deadlines.  Let our team of experienced practitioners preserve your appellate rights.

Joseph E. Richotte

Daniel McCarthy

Kurtis Wilder

Maura Corrigan

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