Winning in "Overtime" Webinar


Complimentary Webinar!

Winning in “Overtime:” How to Save Money and Protect Your Business By Ensuring Compliance with the Wage and Hour Laws

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Tuesday, December 6

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Employers of all kinds (fortune 500 companies, franchisors, franchisees, and mom & pop shops) face an ever increasing challenge in trying to navigate and comply with federal wage & hour laws, including new requirements relative to dealing with the payment and calculation of overtime.  For many companies, a small mistake and/or miscalculation regarding an employee's wages can often result in statutory penalties, as well as expensive and unnecessary litigation - the cost of which far exceeds the pennies they miscalculated and/or tried to save.

Bernie Fuhs and Brett Miller from Butzel Long's Franchise Specialty Team and Labor & Employment Group will provide you easy to follow tips on how to properly navigate these wage & hour laws so you can better protect your business, all the while saving a few bucks along the way.

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