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Butzel Long is the nation's premier law firm within the American automotive industry. Dozens of our attorneys focus on automotive matters. Our Global Automotive Team is relied upon for virtually every type of legal service required by automotive suppliers, and their work involves important matters in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Butzel Long was centrally involved in establishing the American automotive industry at the beginning of the 20th Century and is a foundation member of Automation Alley. Today, our Global Automotive Team is shaping the manner in which the industry’s disputes are resolved and transactions are accomplished. Our Detroit automotive lawyers are profoundly involved in restructuring the industry, including its most significant acquisitions and divestitures, workouts and bankruptcies, technological developments and general commercial transactions.

Detroit Automotive Litigation Attorney in Wayne County, Michigan

Our Detroit automotive lawyers represent clients in a variety of automotive law matters, including:

Detroit Automotive Law Firm

Our Global Automotive Team includes seasoned veterans of the industry, and each member is a front-running expert in his or her field. Our Detroit automotive attorneys study, analyze, write about, and speak on the automotive industry, and their viewpoints are frequently sought by the national and international media that covers the industry.

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