Womens Leadership Committee

Butzel Long recognizes that recruiting and retaining female attorneys and making them profitable furthers the success and profitability of the firm.

Butzel Long formed its Womens Leadership Committee to increase and improve the recruiting and retention of women attorneys, thus providing a more diverse attorney makeup for the firm and our clients. Our Womens Leadership Committee also seeks to improve career development for women attorneys through training and mentorship. TheWomens Leadership Committee assists our female lawyers in developing the skills, strategies, clients, and power base to increase the representation of women in leadership positions within the firm and within the profession.

The Womens Leadership Committee seeks to create a sense of community and mutual support that make our women attorneys feel committed to each other and to the firm, through mentorship and business practices lead cultural and institutional changes that make the work environment more conducive to the success of women attorneys and market women attorneys, providing a platform for business development.

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