Custody & Parenting Issues

Butzel Long's family law attorneys rank among the leading and most respected practitioners in their field. We counsel clients on all aspects of family law, including custody and parenting issues. Our clients usually have ideas of acceptable and unacceptable custody arrangements. We take these ideas seriously, and we try to see every family member's point of view. Our attorneys provide experienced, expert, mature, and comprehensive advice. We carefully listen to our clients and give honest and realistic feedback. Knowing that both parents want the best for their children, we always aim for the most ideal arrangement for everyone involved.


  • Represented parties seeking to modify child and/or spousal support.
  • Represented parties seeking to change or modify custody and/or parenting time.
  • Represented a woman in a vegetative state through her Court appointed guardian to obtain a divorce from abusive husband resulting in the existing state of the law on a guardian initiated divorce.
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