Construction Litigation

Butzel Long's Construction Law Practice is comprehensive. Our experienced lawyers counsel and represent contractors, construction managers, equipment and material suppliers, as well as hospitals, educational institutions and public and private owners on projects throughout the United States.

Our attorneys are veterans of the profession, with expertise in all phases of the construction process, including development of initial project concepts, land acquisition and permitting, financing, contract negotiation, preparation of bid and contract documents, bid protests, project administration, claims preparation, negotiation, mediation and/or litigation.

Our construction law professionals are seasoned attorneys and understand the nuisances that come with each construction law case. Attempting to avoid any conflicts from arising and to prevent any misunderstandings down the line, our attorneys clearly draft, review, and negotiate contract agreements. However, when litigation is necessary, Butzel Long attorneys have the knowledge and skills, along with years of experience in litigating complex construction disputes, to effectively advise and represent each client. Our attorneys understand the complexities involved in each case relating to construction law and diligently work to ensure the most advantageous resolution for the benefit of their client.


  • Succeeded in an administrative contested claim proceeding before the Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Successfully resolved a significant construction defect dispute with the Michigan Department of Transportation without litigation
  • Successfully prosecuted administrative appeals to preclude awards to second bidders on three MDOT construction contracts totaling more than $14M.
  • Construction; obtain no cause in Federal Court jury trial
  • Successfully represented joint venture contractor in the negotiated resolution of delay and acceleration claims exceeding $1M primarily arising out of defective design and interference issues on a complex road and sewer reconstruction project.
  • Successfully represented subcontractor in prosecution of Miller Act Payment Bond claim in connection with USAF airfield reconstruction project in Kansas.
  • Successfully represented prime contractor in resolution of multi-million dollar delay claim on Texas Department of Transportation Project.
  • Successfully represented prime contractor in resolution of warranty disputes and subcontractor disputes on a major freeway reconstruction project for the Indiana Department of Transportation.
  • Successfully represented the industry in halting the announced “non-public opening of bid” on a $120M site civil construction project at a major Michigan airport and procuring the re-advertisement of the project providing for full competitive bidding.
  • Managed product liability/asbestos-related claims portfolio for Michigan on behalf of construction product manufacturer
  • Successfully represented prime contractor and subcontractor in recovering $1.5M claim for extra work on a MDOT bridge reconstruction contract.
  • Successfully represented prime and subcontractor in prosecution of multi-million dollar delay claims on a Michigan Department of Transportation construction project.
  • Has successfully represented construction industry trade associations in resolution of matters affecting the transportation infrastructure construction industry in Michigan.
  • Obtained a panel Decision of No Cause of Action for our client in a complex construction case involving the construction of a water intake bed on the floor of Lake Michigan
  • Successfully represented prime contractor in warranty work dispute on an airport pavement rehabilitation project in Florida.
  • Represented roofing company to recover damages for breach of contract
  • Represented two contractors in connection with multiple local and federal fraud false claims act investigations of construction projects at a major airport
  • Successfully represented the joint venture prime contractor in the resolution of all claims without litigation on a $120M, four year construction project at a major Michigan airport.
  • Successfully represented performance bond surety in obtaining a No Cause of Action in a complex case involving the construction of an off shore water intake facility on the bottom of Lake Michigan.
  • Successfully represented without litigation the contractor engaged to construct the new "ring road" around the perimeter of a local Michigan airport
  • Represented prevailing contractor in a Conflict Resolution Team proceeding involving significant warranty work claim by MDOT.
  • Prepared an administrative appeal and concurrently prepared the suit for immediate injuctive relief; our efforts were successful in preventing an award of the $14 million contract to the second bidder
  • Has successfully represented infrastructure contractors and subcontractors in connection with private works projects involving delay, interference and extra/changed work disputes and prosecution of construction lien foreclosure claims throughout Michigan.
  • Has successfully represented contractors and subcontractors in numerous delay, acceleration, Differing Site Conditions, extra work, defective and warranty work, and contract interpretation disputes with MDOT in the administrative claims review process.
  • Successfully represented prime contractors and subcontractors in resolution of federal and local false claim act investigations on multiple projects at major airports in Michigan and Tennessee.
  • Represented roofing company to recover damages
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