Supply Chain Management

Industry Knowledge is Our Competitive Edge

Butzel Long's Global Automotive Team understands your legal needs because we understand your business. We know that clients faced with the challenges of managing critical supply chain relationships, operating as systems integrators, embracing flexible and lean manufacturing concepts, and with a unrelenting focus on improving efficiencies rightfully expect substantive automotive expertise from their legal counsel. Our lawyers study the rapid changes and developments in the automotive industry every day so that they can give you advice and guidance based on up-to-the-minute industry data.

We Understand Redefined Markets and Shifting Priorities

Our Automotive Practice extends throughout the world and includes all phases of the supply chain. Our clients benefit from advisors who understand their industry, help shape the legal and regulatory environment within which they operate, and who can quickly assemble a seasoned cross disciplinary team of functional expertise that focuses on developing workable strategies and achieving demonstrable results quickly and cost-efficiently.


  • Represented a wide variety of suppliers and purchasers in multiple industries with respect to contractual issues arising in connection with commercial supply agreements
  • Negotiation of complex Settlement Agreement with an OEM of claims arising under long-term Supply Agreement
  • Represented an automotive parts supplier in a contentious termination of the supply relationship with the supplier based on an accommodation agreement and access and security agreement
  • Lead counsel on hundreds of supply chain disputes between OEMs and Tiered Suppliers.
  • Represented an automotive supplier against a casting supplier which filed for Chapter 11 relief in a motion to reject the supply contracts with our client and several other key customers
  • Negotiation of a Complex Supply Agreement for major Tier I Automotive Supplier with an OEM; included subsidies and exit provisions


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