Union Avoidance Strategies

Butzel Longs attorneys help employers and multi-employer associations remain union free. We keep up-to-date on legislative activity that may affect labor laws, and we keep our clients informed about these activities.

Labor unions have been pushing for the enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which was introduced into Congress on March 10, 2009. Currently, its enactment is uncertain. If it passes, EFCA would substantially change federal labor law, and it would expose non-unionized employers to higher risks of unionization.

Butzel Longs attorneys have created an EFCA Update newsletter that informs employers on any legislative developments regarding the Act. We have developed programs that anticipate this legislation so that employers can proactively implement any necessary changes. Even if EFCA does not become law, these programs are still highly effective for any workplace.

  • Represented City of Detroit in union negotiations to avoid appointment of an emergency financial manager