Tax & Business Issues

Butzel Long's family law attorneys taps the experience of our colleagues in the business, estate planning, immigration, intellectual property, real estate, and taxation areas that can help us handle family law issues involving tax and business matters. Our talents prove valuable when clients have complex financial, business, and tax problems. This integrated approach resolves clients' matters promptly, efficiently, and effectively. We have successfully represented individuals or individuals' spouses with substantial incomes, assets, or complex business interests. Our clients include business owners, professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, and highly-placed executives. Our team protects clients' financial and personal interests. We guard the privacy of the affairs, and we will never divulge client communications.

  • Developed creative estate planning vehicle to divide interest in divorce proceeding to keep family business intact and do succession planing at the same time.
  • Represented high level executives in numerous divorces involving dividing interests in closely held stock interests, stock options and other forms of benefits.
  • Represented owners/partners in closely held businesses seeking sole control of family owned business through the divorce.