Medical Staff & Peer Review

As the health care industry changes due to increased market pressures reshaping the field, Butzel Longs Health Care Law attorneys will continue to provide their clients with timely and creative advice and solutions to these many challenges. Members of the Health Care Law group share the perspective of our clients when responding to the new challenges. Butzel Longs Health Care Law attorneys are well-recognized as advocates for physicians with respect to medical staff privilege and peer review issues.

Butzel Longs Health Care Law attorneys have represented many physicians and physician groups with respect to medical-staff privileges, peer review matters, and review by State and National credentialing organizations. Our attorneys fully appreciate that the limitation or loss of a physicians medical staff privileges can lead to Medical Board investigations, loss of managed care provider agreements, and reports to the National Practitioner Date Bank.

Butzel Longs Health Care Law attorneys know that the issues facing the health care industry today are critical and urgent. Our Health Care Law attorneys attempt to resolve their clients case in a manner that is non-reportable and one that minimizes the consequences of any such reports. In addition to representing individuals in peer review proceedings, our attorneys serve as legal counsel to medical staff entities, and their peer review and hearing committees. In those cases where a clients matter cannot be resolved through an agreement acceptable to the physician, Butzel Longs Health Care Law attorneys are able to navigate the hearing process outlined under the medical staff by-laws while assuring that the physician receives at least the minimum due process outlined under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986.

Butzel Longs Health Care Law attorneys are members of state bar health law sections, have lectured at various educational seminars relating to health care law, have held or currently hold law school and medical school faculty appointments where they teach legal medicine and ethics issues, and have published articles in numerous health care law and medical publications.