Energy & Sustainability

Butzel Longs energy and sustainability practice provides insight, creative business counsel, and a comprehensive view of the energy industry. We help navigate federal and state regulatory frameworks bring new products to market raise capital and negotiate contracts and corporate transactions.

Our clients range from early-stage technology companies to large, established enterprises, and we represent them in the various phases of the business cycle: from initial formation and start-up funding to product and project development to growth and exit strategies. We help identify and pursue opportunities presented by evolving energy-related public policy find novel ways to finance projects and structure energy-related investments and develop energy projects using both fossil fuels and alternative energy sources.

Our team also advises clients in the manufacturing, transportation, and financial industry on energy-related matters.

  • Represented client in venture fund with preferred stock investment in distributed technology energy companies
  • Oil & Gas Lease
  • Purchase agreement for a nuclear energy plant
  • Represented subsidiary of major utility in acquisition of advanced technology company
  • Plasma Gasification License
  • Coal slurry processing
  • Acquisition of wood burning generating assets
  • Acquisition of project developments permits and related assets
  • Co-Generation EPC Contract
  • Represented energy company in its acquisition of all the equity interests of a cable project
  • Sale of equity interests and power generating assets
  • Auction of facilities
  • Represented publicly-held utility holding company in proposed $3 billion acquisition by private equity investors.
  • Acquisition of a portfolio of generation assets from and energy company
  • Represented subsidiary of major utility company in acquisition of coal mine methane rights, leases, gathering compression and pipeline assets
  • Alliance energy acquisition
  • Power sales agreements
  • Represented client regarding patent matters, entity reorganization and joint venture for solar structures
  • Represent solar and windmill energy company for tax incentives, pilot projects and sale for residential use
  • Certified electrical distributors acquisition
  • Represented Wind Turbine Manufacturer in choice of entity, intellectual property issues and corporate matters
  • Represented our energy client's venture capital fund in preferred stock investments
  • Assisted client in purchasing, tax incentives and permits of alternative fuel, R&D facility
  • Represented subsidiary of a major utility and its affiliates in the acquisition of stock and membership interests in various non-regulated affiliates of utility company
  • Product Development
  • Coal, synfuel and feedstock supply agreements
  • Represented biomass division of major utility company in $36 million (equity and debt assumption/ restructuring) acquisition of landfill gas-to-energy company
  • Acquisition of iPower
  • Acquisition of membership interests
  • Represented our client in connection with sale of 49.9% of its stock and an option to sell the rest of its stock to an electric company; transaction value approx. 1.8 billion
  • Alternative energy product distribution
  • Represented a publicly-traded diversified resources company in the acquisition of two gas utilities for a total of aproximately $800 million.
  • Coal mine permit acquisition
  • Oil & Gas Lease
  • Assisting with the construction, financing & permitting of ethanol plants in two locations in a northern area of Michigan
  • Represented LG Chem in the acquisition of land, obtaining various government grants and tax incentives and the drafting and negotiating of the construction contract for a $303 million advanced lithium ion battery manufacturing facility.
  • Represented infrastructure investment fund in connection with the acquisition of electric transmission cable project.
  • Energy marketing and trading venture
  • Represented publicly-held gas distribution utility in proposed $2.9 billion acquisition of electric utility.
  • Seed Investments: R&D Collaboration
  • Bid for generation assets
  • Equity financing of a power transmission project