Trademark Law

A trademark or a service mark is a brand name. It includes any word, symbol, device, or name used to identify and distinguish the goods or services of a provider from those of other providers. Trademarks are the main way customers and potential customers connect a company's products and services with that company. Our attorneys counsel clients in all stages of the trademark protection process, including selecting, registering, and policing trademarks.

  • Trademark and Patent Filings
  • Global brand/trademark portfolio management for division of major US software developer
  • Global brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration, and portfolio management for manufacturer of custom golf clubs
  • Global Brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration, and portfolio management for New York-based maker of men's personal care products
  • Copyright, trademark and trade secret action.
  • Corporate identity makeover for US technology company including global trademark clearance and registration
  • False advertising claims for manufacturer of computer components
  • Design patent and trade dress rights
  • Corporate identity makeover for brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration and portfolio maintenance for a major US insurance/investment company
  • Defended injection molding equipment manufacturer in trademark infringement litigation
  • Defended website owner of a health-care related site for trademark litigation against a provider of cosmetic surgery
  • Represented trademark owner (automotive supplier) in domain name dispute; client gained possession of infringing domain name
  • Defended manufacturer in trade dress and patent infringement lawsuit
  • False advertising action
  • Prosecution of counterfeiting and trademark infringement action for Italian jewelry designer
  • Defended automotive manufacturer in trademark litigation
  • Assist in brand creation/trademark selection, clearance, registration, and portfolio management
  • Defended semiconductor manufacturer in trademark infringement action. Summary judgment affirmed on appeal.
  • Defended web-based retailer in a trademark infringement action brought by a major OEM over domain name
  • Represented pharmaceutical company in a false advertising lawsuit involving a product claiming to be the generic equivalent of a leading brand
  • Defended publisher in trademark infringement action
  • Defended nonprofit organization in trademark/copyright/domain name infringement litigation
  • Obtained summary judgment (and affirmance in the Court of Appeals) of copyright and trademark claims against national recording artist
  • Infringement action against mortgage company
  • Enforced finance company's trademark rights against infringer
  • Defended surviving members of 1960's rock band in trademark and copyright infringement action against Plaintiff's heirs who sought a preliminary injunction to prevent clients from continuing to use the trademarks and copyrights relating to the band.
  • Defended television station in trademark/copyright action