Bonds & Structured Finance

Butzel Longs Bond Structured Finance attorneys have substantial experience in all varieties of complex financial transactions involving both tax-exempt and taxable bonds. Such transactions include debt that is fixed-rate and variable-rate, publicly-sold and privately-negotiated, fixed-maturity and commercial paper, and simple serial and term bonds, capital appreciation-type issues, and complex derivative products. Our attorneys serve as bond counsel, underwriter's counsel, bank counsel, counsel to credit enhancers, and issuer's counsel.

Butzel Longs finance attorneys have been involved as bond and/or underwriter's counsel in transactions aggregating in the billions of dollars. Our collective experience includes transactions under every major enabling statute in the State of Michigan, involving virtually every provision of the Internal Revenue Code relating to tax-exempt bonds.

The expertise of our attorneys encompasses both governmental and private activity bonds for public infrastructure to private manufacturing plants, landfills, and electric power generating facilities. Our attorneys have acted as bond counsel for such diverse issuers as the State of Michigan, the State Building Authority, the Michigan Higher Education Facilities Authority, the Michigan Municipal Bond Authority, Eastern Michigan University, Oakland University, the Oakland County Economic Development Corporation, the City of Detroit, and the Michigan Strategic Fund. Our attorneys have also participated in financings for such diverse facilities as public and private school and university buildings, sewer and water supply systems, drains, hospitals (public and private), governmental buildings (including jails, libraries and municipal complexes), streets and roads, and municipal equipment (such as computers, buses and furnishings).

Butzel Longs attorneys also have experience in preparing and filing registration statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission and securities bureaus for corporate issuers, along with ancillary documents necessary to the success of the issuance, such as private ruling requests with the Internal Revenue Service. Our professionals have substantial practice in the areas of securities law, financial institutions, and bankruptcy, with large practice groups of lawyers devoted to each.