The Butzel Long Charitable Trust's 2020 Mid-Year Review

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, 2020 has been full of unprecedented events. We have faced a global pandemic and an economic disruption that has tested our City, our region, and our country. It is at times like this that those who were already hurting feel their pain even more, and those who never thought they would be in need of help are finding themselves in that very situation. The Butzel Long Charitable Trust recognized this reality and has tried to step in to do what it can.

Butzel Long has deep roots in Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Founded in 1854 and one of the oldest businesses in Detroit in existence today, Butzel Long has been at the center of the region's activity for 165 years. The City of Detroit and this region have given so much to this firm that the firm strives to give back as well. This has never been more true than during these trying times. Below are just some ways we have given back.

St Vincent de Paul
St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Lighthouse of Southeast Michigan

Pope Francis Warming Center

And more!

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