Butzel Long attorney Michelle R.E. Donovan interviewed on Walled Lake marijuana licenses lawsuits

The Spinal Column
Friday, March 8, 2019

Rival lawsuits filed over marijuana licenses in Walled Lake

By Anne Seebaldt

A lawsuit related to the issuing of business licenses for medical marijuana provisioning facilities received a decisive response – a countersuit from Jerry Millen, who was one of those named in the initial suit.

Michelle R.E. Donovan, shareholder for Butzel Long, is representing Jerry Millen and the business he co-owns with two others, The Greenhouse of Walled Lake. She explained, “My client, Custom Built Properties, dba The Greenhouse of Walled Lake, was sued along with Jerry Millen, just one of the owners, personally. The plaintiff ’s complaint lacks merit. As such, we filed a motion to dismiss the plaintiff ’s complaint along with counter claims against them. To say that my client is upset over being dragged into a frivolous suit is an understatement.” Among other things, Millen is suing for defamation of character.

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