The Secrets to Starting a Successful Business:  How to Increase Your Chances of Start-Up Success from Idea to Launch (and Beyond)

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Over 90% of startup businesses fail.  Why?  While there are a variety of factors that go into this failure rate, it usually involves some combination of innocent incompetence, the lack of a proper business plan and start-up checklist, the failure to properly utilize and comply with legal requirements, a bad core product/idea and the wrong “team” involved.   So how do entrepreneurs and business owners increase their chances for success and get into that elite 10%?

This webinar, presented by a successful entrepreneur and a nationally recognized business attorney, will provide you the SECRETS to starting and operating a successful business, including a 20 step start-up checklist from the initial idea through the actual launch of the business (and beyond).   You will not only be provided insider business tips from successful entrepreneurs themselves, but also the best ways to navigate the frustrating legal and administrative requirements of starting a business. 

Bernie Fuhs is a nationally recognized business attorney from Butzel Long.   He has litigated and counseled clients in nearly all 50 states on a variety of business disputes, including non-compete/trade secrets, franchise disputes, and shareholder disputes.  He also regularly advises start-ups and closely held businesses, as well as sports and fitness industry members.  Mr. Fuhs is also a successful entrepreneur in his own right, having founded FuhsFit, LLC (an online fitness and nutrition company), served as President/Co-Owner of Fastdater, Inc. of Michigan and working as a Color Analyst for College and High School Basketball. 

Trey Zackery is the President and Owner Corporate Elevator Asset Management, which helps building managers and owners manage their elevators from design to finished product, and service thereafter.  He is also the founder of “Mogul Secrets,” a podcast for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. 


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