Staying Connected at CES 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

With CES underway, it is clear that the automobile is poised to be the king of the show. Faraday Future demonstrated the ups and downs of emerging technology, particularly the default mode programming. The Toyota Concept-i offers a vehicle that wants to establish a “relationship” with its drivers. The Chrysler Portal highlights the ingenuity that millennial engineers bring to the user interface of electric and autonomous vehicles.

With these things in mind, CES is pointing to several emerging legal issues:

  • Biometric and facial recognition data and the collection and storage of this information
  • Liability and warranty for components with a life expectancy less than the life of the vehicle
  • Artificial intelligence and the “emotional car” that seeks to “build a relationship” with its driver though interactive data collection
  • Increased driver distraction through new user interfaces that contain fewer buttons and larger screens
  • Data aggregation and crowdsourcing, including seeking permission from users
  • Ownership models and new technology and start-up players
  • “Cooper-tition” – the new mix of cooperation and competition between OEMs and Tiered suppliers to stay on top of the tech companies through merger and acquisition and other business arrangements
  • Safety, security and privacy of all data and information collected and transferred through the vehicle, its ecu’s, the cloud and other storage locations with its drivers.

Butzel Long will continue to analyze the evolving legal and regulatory framework, as emerging technology increasingly impacts the way business is conducted. Stay with us during CES and the rest of 2017.

Jennifer Dukarski

Claudia Rast

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