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Butzel Long’s Labor, Employment, and Immigration Law Forum will provide attendees with information regarding a wide variety of labor, employment, employee benefits, and immigration issues facing employers today.

To do our part and help reduce paper waste, Butzel Long is Going Green and now providing all of our seminar materials electronically.

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New location!

Butzel Long is happy to announce that this year's seminar will be held at the MGM Grand Detroit! Complimentary valet parking available.  Click here for more information on the MGM Grand Detroit

The price of this year's seminar is $190.

This seminar has been approved for 4 credits with HRCI and SHRM.


7:15-8:00am Registration and Breakfast
8:00-8:15am Welcome and Update on New Developments
8:15-8:30am Break
8:30-9:30am Workshop Session 1
9:30-9:45am Break
9:45-10:45am Workshop Session 2
10:45-11:00am Break
11:00-12:00pm Workshop Session 3
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-2:00pm Panel Discussion


Workshop Session 1

Concerns of an Aging or Unhealthy Workforce (John Hancock)

Many employers are faced with a workforce which is aging and facing a variety of health challenges, such as obesity and its attendant problems.  This workshop will examine the issues involved with such a workforce, and some practical suggestions on how to address them.

Employee Benefits: Traps for the Unwary (Tom Shaevsky and Mark Jane)

There are a myriad of compliance requirements for ERISA plans – both retirement plans and welfare plans.  Some rules are well known, others are not.  This interactive session will examine some of lesser known – but equally important – compliance requirements, such as non-discrimination testing requirements, executive compensation rule implications and health care reform pitfalls, and understanding service provider agreements.

New overtime exemption regulations (Gary Klotz)

The Department of Labor has finalized new regulations which go into effect December 1, and significantly narrow the exemptions from overtime pay requirements.  This workshop will discuss those new regulations, and some steps that employers can, and should, take to be in compliance and to potentially help control overtime obligations.

LGBT issues (Brett Miller and Scott Patterson)

Gender issues have evolved and can impact the workplace in unexpected ways.  This workshop will focus on issues involving LGBT employees, including restroom or changing facilities, marriage equality, gender stereotyping, and more.

Workshop Session 2

Everything you always wanted to know about 401(k) plans but didn’t ask (Andrew Stumpff, Lynn McGuire and Nancy Keppelman)

This workshop is intended to highlight important issues with 401(k) plans, including the continuing active fiduciary landscape and reminders of best practices regarding plan committees, charters, etc.  Attendees are encouraged to come armed with questions they have about 401(k) plans.

Accommodation Issues (Daniel Tukel)

Both the ADA and religious discrimination laws impose affirmative obligations on employers to provide accommodations.  This workshop will discuss what religious beliefs and practice must be accommodated, how to determine if a religious or disability accommodation is legally required and what accommodations must be provided, and when a requested accommodation constitutes an undue hardship.

Know the rules of the Immigration Game (Reggie Pacis and Elissa Pinto)

Being involved in the immigration game requires you to the rules.  This workshop will discuss some of the basic rules of the immigration process including appropriate immigration classifications, immigration related documents and considerations that should be contemplated when deciding to sponsor a foreign national or engaging in travel to other countries.  Immigration trends and updates will also be discussed.

New Protection for Trade Secrets and Requirements for Employment Agreements: How to Protect Your Company's Most Valuable Assets and Relationships (Bernie Fuhs and Paul Mersino)

New state and federal legislation and proposed legislation has been introduced across the country, effectively requiring every company to revisit and revise their restrictive covenants and employment agreements.  Among other things, the new federal Defend Trade Secrets Act provides new protections, tools, and requirements for protecting your trade secrets, created a new federal cause of action for the misappropriation of trade secrets, and established new employer notice requirements.  This presentation will provide cutting-edge insights and practical advice on how to navigate the evolving legal landscape in this area and what steps must be taken to be in compliance.

Workshop Session 3

Regulating Employees’ Off Duty Conduct (Craig Schwartz and Diane Soubly)

The NLRB has issued a number of decisions limiting employers’ ability to discipline based on statements in social media, and there are other limitations in making employment decisions based on the off-duty conduct of both private sector and public sector employees.  This workshop will discuss some of those limitations and the legal issues that are involved.

Don’t Gamble with I-9's (Clara Mager, Linda Armstrong and Bushra Malik)

I-9 investigations have become an integral tool used by the U.S. Government in addressing its immigration enforcement policy.  Enormous “paperwork” fines can and have been levied when I-9 forms are missing or improperly completed, even when the workforce is 100% legal, and fine amounts have recently significantly increased.  Issues such as self-audits, E-verify and the investigation process will be discussed.

Dealing with the Troubled Employee (Carey DeWitt and Michael Griffie)

Employees with mental issues or who are disruptive or potentially violent present a variety of challenges, including accommodation concerns, safety concerns and productivity concerns.  This workshop will examine some of those issues, obligations for employers, and way in which these issues can be anticipated and addressed.

Proactively Managing Leave Issues (Regan Dahle and Alex DeWitt)

Employers are often unsure of how to address issues involving intermittent leave, abuse of FMLA leave, and when accommodation obligations mandate giving an employee leave.  This workshop will address issues involving leaves under the FMLA and ADA, and how to manage them.

Panel Discussion

Talkin’ ‘Bout Our Generations: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Moderator:      Jim Rosenfeld

Panelists:         Rebecca Davies, John Hancock, Jonathan Hughes, CFO, Shinola Detroit, and Louis Theros, Vice President and General Counsel, MGM Grand Detroit 

This panel discussion will consider issues in the workplace which differ among Gen X, baby boomers, “Millennials,” what motivates the different generations, how retention issues differ, and how to manage employees with these different generational perspectives.

Please direct any questions to Jocelyn Pomaranski at pomaranski@butzel.com.

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