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As the top law firm in Detroit, we have a long and successful history of developing new capabilities and deepening our expertise for our clients benefit. We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, manufacturing, e-commerce, biotechnology, intellectual property, and cross-border operations and transactions.

Butzel Long, a Top Law Firm in Detroit, serves clients in many industries, including:

At Butzel Long, we place great value on each client relationship and dedicate ourselves to providing clear, understandable, and practical advice. As a top law firm in Detroit, our firm has over 3,000 geographically diverse clients that are active in national and international markets. Butzel Long represents a number of American, European and Asian manufacturers and suppliers. Butzel Long’s tradition as counsel to cutting edge developments in the automotive industry continues with its representation of Covisint, planned as the world's premier e-commerce trade exchange.

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As a top law firm in Detroit, we place great value on each client relationship, and dedicate ourselves to providing clear, understandable, and practical advice. Our attorney-client relationships satisfy each client's unique situation, concerns, and requirements. Our attorneys understand our clients through industry-focused research, knowledge management, and one-on-one conversations. Every client relationship is a privilege, and we work tirelessly to earn our clients' trust and confidence in every engagement.

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Butzel Long, a top law firm in Detroit, has a longstanding commitment to pro bono service. We have been named to the State Bar of Detroit's Pro Bono Circle of Excellence because of our commitment to community service. Our firm encourages attorneys, paralegals and staff to participate in pro bono services. At our annual meeting, we recognize several attorneys for their commitment to community service. One attorney is awarded the Dudley "Do-Right" Award, named for one of our attorneys, John Dudley, who for many years coordinated Butzel Long’s pro bono efforts. Our attorneys are members of the NAACP Pro Bono Partnership Committee, a partnership between the NAACP and various firms, independent practitioners and organizations dedicated to furthering the principles established and fought for everyday by the NAACP.

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