COVID-19 Business Interruption Attorney

The COVID-19 business interruption attorneys at Butzel Long advise small to mid-sized businesses in all industries facing business disruption due to COVID-19. Our business defense lawyers provide guidance on the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act), assist suppliers in supply chain disruption, aid in matters of force majeure, provide defense for business and healthcare companies in labor and employment disputes, and represent businesses in class action defense. Our COVID-19 business defense lawyers act as a trusted resource for our clients, understanding the challenges they face as business leaders and work to tackle highly complex issues and day-to-day operations that businesses face on a regular basis.

Coronavirus Business Defense Lawyer

Our COVID-19 business defense lawyers assist clients in a variety of business disruption matters, including:

Butzel Long Provides Assistance for Companies Interrupted by COVID-19

Butzel Long has arranged a team of COVID-19 business disruption lawyers to assist you and help provide guidance, counsel, and answer questions and requests for help with force majeure claims, supply chain disruptions, unemployment claims, class action defense, and more. Our business interruption lawyers deliver prompt, specialized counsel on critical issues that impact our clients' businesses and provide superior, efficient legal representation, creative problem solving, and prompt, effective communication with each client. Our diverse team is marked by resourcefulness and accessibility and is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest developments in federal law regarding economic relief for those affected by COVID-19.

As Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads to the auto industry, buyers and suppliers are reviewing their contracts and obligations. Our business disruption attorneys can help you create automotive supply contracts that include "excusable events" or "force majeure" provisions that address unanticipated events beyond reasonable control of the affected party, not attributable to that party's fault or negligence.

If you're a business owner facing business hardship due to COVID-19, protect your company and speak with a coronavirus business interruption lawyer at Butzel Long.

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