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Diversity & Inclusion

Recruiting & Retention


Several attorneys serve on both the Recruiting Committee and the Diversity and Retention Committee.  As such, the two committees work closely together to achieve our diversity goals.

We participate in a variety of activities designed to create a diverse workforce, such as minority job fairs and sponsorship of minority student and professional organizations which promote the advancement of women and minority attorneys in the legal profession.

In 2008, the firm had the distinct honor of serving as the exclusive sponsor of the "Welcome to Detroit Reception" at the National Black Law Students Association's 40th Annual National Convention.  We also sponsor the Luis Tienda Annual Banquet Scholarship by the University of Michigan Hispanic Law Student Association and the Alden J. "Butch" Carpenter Annual Banquet Scholarship by the University of Michigan Black Law Student Alliance/Wolverine Bar Association.

Recruiting has included attendance at the NALP Diversity Summit, Cook County Bar Association Minority Law Student Job Fair, National Black Law Students Association's Annual Midwest Regional Recruitment Conference, the National Black Law Students Association's Career Development Expo, Council on Legal Education Opportunity Career Fair (CLEO), and recruiting at Howard University School of Law.

The firm is also a longstanding member of the Wolverine Bar Association Summer Clerkship Program. The goal of the program is to increase minority attorney employment within law firms, as in-house counsel and other well-respected positions in the legal community. In support of this goal, each year the firm hires a first-year minority law student for its summer associate program.


The firm understands that diversity includes the retention of women and minority attorneys. The firm seeks to retain women and minority attorneys by fostering and maintaining a firm culture that supports and promotes diversity. The firm ensures that women and minority attorneys receive challenging work assignments and provides professional development and mentoring to women and minority attorneys to enhance their career development opportunities in firm leadership roles and assist them with client development and networking.

Again, in an effort to retain talented lawyers at the firm, we employ the use of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) to help them maintain balance between work and professional life.  Accommodations and special programs such as reduced practice policies, employee assistance programs and remote work options are all a part of the firm’s retention efforts.