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Butzel Long takes pride in recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce.  We believe our recruiting efforts are critical to our success and we are diligent about acquiring talented individuals whose values align with ours. Do Your Values Match Ours? 


Do Your Values Match Ours? 

Client Relationships

In a constantly changing work environment, we seek those who strive to provide timely and effective responses to client requests.  A flexible work style and professional demeanor are also required to provide exemplary service.


We appropriately and clearly communicate differing viewpoints by succinctly and effectively articulating our ideas in writing and in person.  This inspires and motivates us to work in a collaborative environment where we form cooperative relationships with team members.  


We strongly believe treating others, regardless of the position, with dignity and respect is the foundation of a cohesive and productive work environment.


We must demonstrate high ethical standards at all times.  Performing diligently to accomplish goals, working in an honest and forthright manner and maintaining composure and professionalism are requirements for maintaining the Firm’s high level of integrity. 


We understand, embrace and promote diversity by taking into consideration and appropriately respecting and responding to the needs, feelings and capabilities of diverse people at all levels. 


The ability to master new technology is a critical component of a quality work product. We must be willing to change embrace change and develop the skills necessary to adapt.  Internal motivation, a strong work ethic and applying critical thinking skills are also essential in providing the quality services to our clients have come to expect.   


Our strategic focus is to search for paralegals who are truly dedicated to the needs of our clients and who determine objectives and set priorities accordingly.  Success is due in no small part to an entrepreneurial spirit and internally motivated drive.