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Administrative Staff

Butzel Long takes pride in recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce.  We believe our recruiting efforts are critical to our success and are diligent about acquiring talented individuals whose values align with ours. Do Your Values Match Ours? 


Do Your Values Match Ours?

Client Relationships

A professional demeanor and flexible work style are required to provide exemplary service. In a constantly changing work environment, we recruit those who strive to provide timely and effective responses to client requests. 


Our philosophy of teamwork is characterized by individuals who develop and sustain collaborative relationships that foster an open exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of honest communication. We seek administrative staff who inspire, motivate and lead recognizing the importance of individual expertise in contributing to the team’s success.


We believe treating others, regardless of the position, with dignity and respect is the foundation of a cohesive and productive work environment.  We look for administrative staff who embrace and encourage an atmosphere of sharing ideas and utilization of skills that span across departments to achieve a common purpose.


We adhere to the highest ethical and socially-responsible standards at all times. To demonstrate integrity, the firm is involved in and advocates social responsibility through encouragement and support of participation in civic and community activities.  Potential candidates should perform diligently to accomplish goals, work in an honest and forthright manner and maintain composure and professionalism at all times.


We understand that the success of any firm is inherent in the diverse thoughts, backgrounds and experiences of its people. Our ideal candidate understands, embraces and promotes diversity by taking into consideration and appropriately respecting and responding to the needs, feelings and capabilities of diverse people at all levels.


To ensure a quality work product, we embrace change and develop the skills necessary to adapt. The ability to be flexible in our work processes and master new technology is a critical component of a quality work product. We seek candidates with internal motivation, a strong work ethic and the ability to apply critical thinking skills to provide the quality services our clients have come to expect.   


Success is due in no small part to our administrative staff’s internally motivated drive. Our strategic focus is to search for individuals who will dedicate themselves to the values, mission and goals set forth by the Firm.